About us

ARFI Ideas Base is a tool for training while implementing the current projects.

ARFI and the Partners of the Alliance sincerely believe that the best way to learn something new is to study the best practices. That is why we created AFRI Ideas Base and keep on uploading the top content. We have already collected the ideas for you! - come and study, conceptualize and share them with the colleagues.

No need to search for the best practices any more - now you can go directly to analyzing the examples, arranged by categories and topics (full-size images in the examples).

Scope of the project:

► Examples from both Russian and global practices.

► Full range of voluntary disclosure materials, where Investor Relations and Financial Communications experts can find the best examples of presenting the information in the key documents of voluntary and mandatory disclosure:

- annual reports,

- corporate presentations,

- IR-sections of corporate websites,

- sustainability and corporate social responsibility reports.

How to use ARFI Ideas Base?

► Study the expert comments on the set examples

► Learn sample materials from a certain business segment / specific section of the targeted document (e.g., annual reports)

► Give references to the set examples [ if your management wants to know who already discloses such information ]

► Be creative in applying the data to your specific issue! [ Use the best ideas and information disclosure algorithms with account of your specific context instead of direct copying! ]

► Copy the cases in point to your documents [ e.g., to the concept of the new annual report]

Always up-to-date

Any content inevitably gets outdated upon publication  ))  So we keep on searching for the latest best practices throughout the year to promptly post them. Sign up for our weekly updates! Send your request to IdeasBase@arfi.ru.

Full availability for the dedicated members of the community

Owing to financial support of our Partners, the representatives of the issuing companies can enjoy open access to the content of ARFI Ideas Base. Hope you are fine about the mentions of our Partners. We would be happy if you decide to make use of their highly professional services!

Involvement into searching for good examples, their commenting, assessment and distribution in social networks

It is quite clear that in the first life cycle of ARFI Ideas Base the analysts if the Alliance and the Partners will make the major efforts to find and comment on the new examples of the best practices. However, in the future we intend to engage the representative of the issuers and specific services suppliers in developing the content of AFRI Ideas Base. Thus we would get practical synergy from the joint efforts!

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